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Welcome....From The Director

Thank you for your interest in the Barnwell County Career Center. We are a multi-district Career Center that serves students from Barnwell High School, Blackville-Hilda High School and Williston-Elko High School. We have 12 programs that are designed to help students begin training in a career path of their choice. Through student organizations such as FFA, HOSA, SkillsUSA, and NTHS students enjoy a variety of activities that challenge their skills, teach leadership and are enjoyable.

The expectations we have are extremely high and students will be encouraged to perform at their highest potential level. Our instructors will encourage and work alongside the students to help achieve success. The instructors offer rigorous coursework to ensure each student is college and career ready when they complete a course.

Explore our website and contact us if you have questions. Parent and student tours are easily arranged.

Thank You,

David Augustine
BCCC Director

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Important Dates
February 20-23, 2024    Winter Break
March 18, 2024- Teacher Workday
March 29, 2024- Good Friday
April 1-5, 2024- Spring Break
April 24, 2024- Early Release
May 23-24, 2024- Half day
"Our Mission Statement"

The active Mission Statement for Barnwell County Career Center.

"We prepare each student academically, technically, and socially to adapt and compete in an ever-changing economy."

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Barnwell High School

Barnwell High is a member of Barnwell School District 45. Click below to take a brief look into the upcoming news & events Barnwell High School.

Barnwell 45 -Website


Blackville-Hilda High School

Blackville High is a member of Barnwell County Consolidated School District. Click below to see  what's happening now with the students at Blackville High School.

Barnwell 19 - Website


Williston-Elko High School

Williston-Elko High School is a member of Barnwell County Consolidated School District. Click below for information on all the student activities at W-E High School.

Barnwell 29 - Website

Quick Links

Student Testimonials

All of the classes are hands-on learning and the staff are all nice and friendly.



 The classes help get us ready for the real world.   They help prepare us to go out and get a job after   high school. 



Different schools are able to come together and work together as a class. 



The school is more hand-on and allows us to complete tasks rather than listen to lectures about how it should be done.



-Isha Patel, Marketing

- Bryce Pinckney, Welding

- MaHayley Hurst, Auto Tech

- Jarrett Wootten, Mechanical Design

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