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The Barnwell County Career Center, located on Reynolds Road in Blackville, SC, is the culmination of a cooperative effort by Barnwell, Williston-Elko, and Blackville-Hilda School Districts. This centrally located facility provides, at minimum cost, the best career training for all students and citizens of Barnwell County

Construction of Barnwell County Career Center on a 160-acre site began in October 1968, The Career Center is geographically located at the heart of Barnwell County, in an effort to provide convenient access to the students and citizens of Barnwell County . Official occupancy of this 36,000 square foot building was accomplished on October 23, 1969.

Horace J. Crouch Dedication

The Horace J. Crouch Educational Center (to include Barnwell County Vocational Center, Barnwell County Career Center) was dedicated on May 20, 1973, to Mr. Horace J. Crouch.  Mr. Horace J. Crouch was elected and served Barnwell County and the South Carolina educational system for over 60 years as the County Superintendent of Education.

The original concept that motivated the formation of the Horace J. Crouch Educational Center was for other schools to join Barnwell County Career Center at the Reynolds Road location. This would make this educational complex one of the most outstanding academic facilities in South Carolina.  Today, the Barnwell County Career Center serves over 300 students each school year from students from Barnwell, Blackville-Hilda, and Williston-Elko School Districts.

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