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Barnwell County Career Center


BCCC Courses

Barnwell County Career Center provides our students with a wide range of courses to successfully guide them on their chosen career path.

Below is a comprehensive list of all courses, certifications and instructors here at Barnwell County Career Center.

  • Agriculture  -  Mindy Sandifer/Christle Tindall

  • Automotive Technology  -  Mark Epperson -ASE

  • Building Construction  -   Mark Fischer- NCCER/OSHA

  • Business Education  -  Natasha Broxton

  • Cosmetology  -  Keisha Priester- Cosmetology State License

  • Criminal Justice  -  

  • Cyber Security  -  Travis Morehead- Test Out Security +

  • Health Science  -  Dawn Wilbanks/Debbie Dicks- CNA,CPR, PCTA

  • Mechanical Design  -  Robert Sanders

  • Mechatronics- Ron Still- NCCER/OSHA

  • Pharmacology  -  Debbie Dicks- Pharmacy Tech Certification

  • Welding  -   Louis Fulmer- OSHA

Every student at the center will have equal educational opportunities regardless of ethnic or racial background, religious beliefs, sex, disability, immigrant status or English-speaking status, and economic or social conditions. The center will not refuse to admit or exclude any person based on these criteria.

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