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Criminal Justice

The Protective Services program at Barnwell

County Career Center is designed to prepare

students to qualify for entry-level job in law

enforcement, such as a State Trooper, Deputy Sheriff, City Police, Military Police, or Security Guards.


This course of study also prepares students for a future in continuing education at a higher level institution.




Introduction to Criminal Law

The Courts

Corrections/Detention Center

Community Policing

Proficiency Skills



Defensive Tactics

Physical Fitness

Duel Credit

Denmark Technical College


Course Code: 6510


COURSE DESCRIPTION: The Law Enforcement Services program prepares students for entry-level positions in local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies and private security firms.


OBJECTIVE: Given the necessary equipment, supplies, and facilities, the student will be able to successfully complete all of the following core standards for a course which grants one unit of credit.




PREREQUISITE: English I and overall “C” average in high school coursework.


Course Code: 6511


COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course provides the student additional knowledge and skills to further their abilities in the Law, Public Safety Corrections and Security Career program of study.


OBJECTIVE: Given the necessary equipment, supplies, and facilities, the student will be able to successfully complete all of the following core standards for a course which grants one unit of credit.




PREREQUISITE: Law Enforcement 1 with a grade of “80” or higher; completion of English II; overall grade average of “C” or higher.


Cooperative Education

Students must not have a criminal record.


During the second semester, students are assigned to work with a criminal justice practitioner in the area of the students interest. The work assignments are made based on student interest and availability of community opportunities.


PREREQUISITE:  Completion of Criminal Justice I and II and Instructor recommendation. Students must provide their own transportation to work.

Former and Current Agencies

Participating in

Co-operative Learning Experiences

Barnwell County Sheriffs Office

Barnwell County Detention Center

Williston Police Department

Mosteller Law Firm LLC

Attorney at Law Martha Rivers

Medshore/Williston SC

Barnwell City Police Department

Blackville Police Department

Barnwell County Solicitors Office

Barnwell City Fire Department

S.C Dept. of Probation, Parole, and Pardon Services

Other Agencies that Support Our Students

The South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy

South Carolina Dept. Of Social Services

The SC American Legion

The Protective Services curriculum includes all basic high school course requirements paired with specialized training in the area of law. The program includes:

Overview of the criminal justice system, principles of law enforcement, constitutional law and law-related issues –

Students will study the Basic Course materials from the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy they are the same materials that police academy cadets study to become sworn officers.

Criminal Investigations and Criminal Law – Students will understand the fundamentals of investigative procedure, as well as specific techniques and new innovations in criminal investigations.

Forensic Science – The science of biological evidence collection and analysis within the context of criminal investigation is emphasized. Presentations by BCSO Crime Scene Investigators will acquaint students with current methodologies used in the field. Field trips to the crime lab and other forensic sites will be may included in this course.

Physical training emphasizing all components of the SCCJA Physical Agility Test – the program emphasizes strength development, cardiovascular endurance, speed, and agility necessary in a physically demanding career.

English, Communication, and Writing Skills – These skills related to law enforcement, including public speaking and report writing, are required. Literature consistent with the law enforcement theme will be explored to provide a framework for discussing ethics, legal and cultural issues, and points of view.

Contact Us

Instructor Tony Littles

Office Phone: (803) 259-5512


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